Distance degree

Numerous studies have proven that distance learners perform as well or better than their on-campus counterparts. The book «The No Significant Difference Phenomenon» by Thomas L. Russell cites 355 research reports, papers, and summaries dating back to 1928 that found no significant difference between distance learning and in-class learning. Where a difference was identified, it generally favored the distance learning student. In addition, it identified the current online format as the most effective vehicle for distance education.

You may wonder how fast do you get degree with distance degree program. The time it takes to complete your degree will vary, depending on how many credits you start with. Most military students can earn credits from military training, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or previous college courses they’ve taken. Military students taking one class at a time are usually able to complete their bachelor’s degree in two or three years. The more credits you transfer in, the faster you’ll complete your degree.

To ensure that our programs provide the skills and expertise that are in high demand, we develop our curriculum based on the current needs of industry. We then draw our faculty from among the leaders of that industry to provide the most valuable, real-world education possible. The curriculum is continually updated to reflect the latest proven concepts, methods, and practices.

All programs are 100% online based. This includes registration, ordering books, posting assignments, interacting with classmates, receiving feedback from instructors, etc. Imagine, no long commute, no waiting in lines to register, no separate trips to buy books, and no babysitter to pay. Never again will you have to use the phrase, «No, I can’t, I have class.»

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